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Equipment Manufacturing

Hydrojet Systems has a specialised department where custom made equipment is manufactured to best suit our clients' needs.

Flexible Lance Feeders

The twin flexible lance feeding system was developed to move the operator away from the nozzle tips and to have the lances fed through the tube at a uniform speed and in a controlled manner.

Our lancing systems are portable and can be adapted to suit all heat exchangers.

Hydrojet Systems has also developed a fully automated rotating lance system for descaling and cleaning. Our 5 lance machines clean 5 tubes simultaneously. This equates to 1500 tubes, each 6m long, being cleaned in 4 hours. Our lances have the capacity to clean bundles from 1m to 8m in diameter. The lances are powered by ultra-high pressure water pumps ranging from 200Hp to 900Hp, depending on the configuration. The system boasts both increased safety and productivity with reduced manpower. All equipment is built and manufactured by Hydrojet Systems. For applications where automated systems are not suitable, an extensive range of hand held flexible lances are also carried.

Lancing Systems
  • Hydrojet has produced twin flexible lance cleaning machines.
  • Rigid 5 lance tube cleaning system which cleans 5 tubes simultaneously.
  • One of our custom fabricated tube cleaning systems is the scissor lift tube cleaning system which cleans 10 tubes simultaneously.
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  • Custom made rigid 10 lance cleaning system.

Boiler Maintenance

World's First Online Boiler Clinker Removal Tool

This unit was developed to work comfortably inside the boiler under very high temperatures, whilst applying the necessary amount of energy for the removal of clinker attached to the boiler surface in a controlled and safe manner.

Combining this tool with Hydrojet’s other methods of cleaning we are able to provide our clients with the degree of scale removal to suit their needs. Remote controlled so the operator has no contact with live equipment, and boasts working in 800°C environment whilst the unit being cleaned is still online.

Industrial Water Blasting and Vacuum Professionals

We specialise in High Pressure Tube, Pipe & Tank Cleaning, Hydro Demolition, Concrete Removal and Cutting, Vacuum Work, Waste Removal and Non-Destructive Digging.

We have been servicing the Power, Refinery and Construction industries for over 30 years.