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Industrial Cleaning

High Pressure Water Jetting Systems

With 20 years experience in industrial cleaning Hydrojet Systems are capable of tailoring solutions to unique applications.

  • Heat Exchanger and Boiler Maintenance

    Hydrojet Systems specialises in industrial cleaning using high pressure water jetting. We have the experience required to review the particular condition of the task and employ the appropriate cleaning technique for every unique application.

    Every year we use our specialised high pressure water systems to clean on average 3.5 million metres of tube. In our tube cleaning experience since 1991 we have found that other tube cleaning methods such as bullets, hosing, pickling etc. have proved to be ineffective in removing the scale embedded in the tube pits.

    Our high pressure water jetting care system is a package designed to provide complete 360° I.D. tube cleaning without harming the tube base metal. If required, this care system is also able to leave behind a protective oxide layer. Our aim is to restore and maintain maximum operating efficiency for every condenser and heat exchanger we clean.

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    Surface preparation of heat exchanger
    Surface preparation of heat exchanger

    Boiler Maintenance

    World's First Online Boiler Clinker Removal Tool

    This unit was developed to work in a controlled and safe manner inside the boiler under very high temperatures, whilst applying the necessary amount of energy for the removal of clinker attached to the boiler surface.

    Combining this tool with Hydrojet’s other methods of cleaning we are able to provide our clients with the degree of scale removal suitable to their needs. This system is remote controlled so the operator has no contact with live equipment. It also has the capability to work in a 800°C environment whilst the unit being cleaned is still online.

  • Tube and Pipe Cleaning

    Hydrojet Systems have engineered tube cleaning methods that promote a safer, faster and better cleaning operation.

    Our aim is to promote the longevity of the tubes and as an added bonus, bring down the overall production cost of a plant. Our high pressure water jetting system is a superior cleaning method and has cost saving benefits for the immediate and the long term life of the tubes.

    As safety is a priority at Hydrojet Systems the rotational lance is inserted into the tube under strictly controlled conditions. The operator has no hand contact with live equipment. It delivers a thorough clean, in both directions and the number of tubes penetrated is twice that of a two lance hand held operation and four times that of the surface area cleaned. The effective cleaning rate is twenty times more efficient than a hand held operation and the tube entry point is part of the cleaning area. It is not susceptible to tube misses and it does not have a fatigue factor.

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    Rigid Lancing Water Jetting
    Rigid Lancing
  • External Heat Exchanger Cleaning

    We have the experience required to review the particular conditions and employ the appropriate cleaning technique for every application. Our mission is to provide our clients with a level of service that prioritises: Safety, Quality, and a Return on their Investment.

    foulded bundle
    Typical Fouled Heat Exchanger
    Heat exchanger cleaning by high pressure water jetting
    Heat Exchanger Cleaning
    clean bundle
    Heat Exchanger After Cleaning

    Internal Heat Exchanger Cleaning

    Hydrojet Systems has developed customised tools for the internal descaling and cleaning of heat exchanger tubes.

    These systems have a high level of safety and productivity with reduced manpower.

    Our lancing systems are portable and can be adapted to suit all heat exchangers.

    Our equipment is designed and built for safety and incorporates the following advantages:

    - Ability to clean 4 or 5 tubes simultaneously as compared to traditional single hand held lance operation.

    - The operator has no hand contact with the live equipment.

    - It cleans in both directions.

    - It does not have a fatigue factor.

    - The process can be finely tuned to ensure a thorough clean without damaging the tube.

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    Computerised Robotic control panel for 10 lance rotating lance machine.
  • Air Heater Cleaning

    Hydrojet Systems has produced customised cleaning solutions for cleaning and maintaining air heater baskets whilst in situ. The systems incorporated are capable of running a variation of pressures and flows to suit basket conditions. Regular cleaning of air heater baskets has been found to not only improve the differential pressures but the longevity of the baskets as well.

    It is evident that due to the slurry like nature of the waste water that an enormous amount of debris was removed, which improves the performance of the unit.

    before high pressure cleaning
    after high pressure cleaning

    The advantages of scheduling regular maintenance on the air heater baskets is performance and monetary driven and is a must for those power stations looking for a natural cost cutting procedure.

    - By our estimate, regular cleaning with the Hydrojet Systems technology we can double or even triple the life of the baskets.

    - The operation is performed from both top and bottom simultaneously, usually in three to four days depending on the severity.

    - The equipment fabricated by Hydrojet Systems is versatile and can be adapted to suit a variety of power stations.

    - The actual operation is designed to cater for zero risk in terms of the safety of personnel and equipment.

  • Tank Cleaning

    Hydrojet Systems has engineered a solution to eliminate the need for personnel to enter the tank or vessel however should physical entry be required Hydrojet Systems staff are trained for the entry and regress of confined access tank scenarios.

    Tank Cleaning
    Tank Cleaning
  • Refractory Removal

    Hydrojet Systems remove refractory material from boiler tubes, furnaces, kilns and reactors. Using high pressure water jetting systems, we can remove refractory materials quickly and safely.

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    Boiler Tube Surface Preparation

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