High Pressure Water Jetting

Safer, Faster, Better Industrial Cleaning

The Sugar Industry

Service History in the Sugar Industry

Hydrojet Systems has been servicing the sugar industry since 2005 performing a variety of tasks. These include general gun work, pipe line cleaning/unblocking, tank/vessel cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning, confined space entry, removal of flanges, pipe work, installation of new gaskets and pressure testing for tube leaks.

Tube Cleaning

Hydrojet Systems is highly effective in the cleaning of juice heaters. We are able to complete an outage in 4 days, where previously it would take 3 weeks.

We also have the ability to undertake other complete works such as the removal of pipe work, gaskets and headers, high water pressure cleaning and the refit of all related components. Since beginning in 2005, we have expanded into many other areas of high pressure water jetting at the mills such as; pan cleaning, vessel storage cleaning, pipeline cleaning and many more.

Industrial Water Blasting and Vacuum Professionals

We specialise in High Pressure Tube, Pipe & Tank Cleaning, Hydro Demolition, Concrete Removal and Cutting, Vacuum Work, Waste Removal and Non-Destructive Digging.

We have been servicing the Power, Refinery and Construction industries for over 30 years.