High Pressure Water Jetting Pumps

High Pressure Water Jetting

Safer, Faster, Better Industrial Cleaning

High Pressure Pumps

Our specialised facilities, equipment and highly knowledgeable staff allow us to design and fabricate purpose built machinery ensuring 100% efficiency and performance.

We have a fleet of 29 ultra high pressure pumps ranging from 80 litres per minute @ 800 Bar to 400 litres per minute @ 1000 Bar for condenser / bundle / tank cleaning. In addition to these pumps, we have four 850Hp by 440m3 per hour at 2000 PSI liquid transfer pumps. Our high pressure water pumps and accessories are custom developed to best suit the application for which they are required, with regard to the different water pressures and flow rates necessary for each specific application.

In-house manufactured ultra-high pressure water pumps

  • 250 HP Unit
    80 l/min
    750 Bar (10000 psi)
  • 450 HP Unit
    140 l/min
    1100 Bar (16 000 psi)
  • 550 HP Unit
    170 l/min
    21 000 psi
  • 900 HP Unit
    360 l/min
    15 000 psi

Industrial Water Blasting and Vacuum Professionals

We specialise in High Pressure Tube, Pipe & Tank Cleaning, Hydro Demolition, Concrete Removal and Cutting, Vacuum Work, Waste Removal and Non-Destructive Digging.

We have been servicing the Power, Refinery and Construction industries for over 30 years.